Start your Design Learning journey 

At Thinkful Design - all our programs are structured to impart design learning and enable children to practise design thinking in their education and school projects. 

Children and students are encouraged to be self-directed learners. Experimentation and failure is encouraged, which enables students to reflect on their process, learn from mistakes, and move forward in a more informed direction.

Introducing Design Courses  for School Students 

Design Thinking Foundation 

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Design Thinking Foundation 

The 4 session course introduces you to Design Thinking. You get an understanding of what is design thinking, the process and practise.


Learn ways it which Design Thinking is applied to school, social and personal projects.

  1. Course consist of 4 sessions of 45 mins each 

  2. Understanding the Design Thinking process 

  3. Learn to apply Design Thinking to school & at-home projects 

  4. Co-learn design thinking by collaboration with real team members

  5. Introduction to design tools

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Junior Designer Foundation 

What does a career in design demands and needs? Explore career paths in design, learn Design Thinking and apply it to build your design career


In 8-session young students will get an overview of the skills a career in design require. They will learn the process of Design Thinking and develop a creative confidence to shape their careers in the design space. 

  1. Spread acoss 8 session of 45 mins each 

  2. Get an an understanding of the skills required for a design career

  3. Get an overview on to how to cultivate these skills

  4. Understand Design Thinking 

  5. Learning to apply Design Thinking to plan your own design career


Young Mobile Designer

Learn how mobile app are designed. The 8 session course takes you through the steps of designing a mobile app.


You understand the difference of designing for iOS & Android, you under hybrid & native and you understand what it takes to make a user friendly mobile app

  • Course is spread across 8 session of 45 mins each

  • Learn the process of mobile design

  • Understand the types of mobile apps 

  • Learn how to design for Android & iPhone 

  • A mock project to implement the process and map the journey of creation