Evolving Learners to Problem Solvers 

At Thinkful Design - all our programs are structured to impart design learning and enable children to practise design thinking in their education and school projects. 

Children and students are encouraged to be self-directed learners. Experimentation and failure is encouraged, which enables students to reflect on their process, learn from mistakes, and move forward in a more informed direction.

Thinkful Design learning framework 






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We are headed to a future when most of the job that will exist (estimated 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven't been invented yet - report authored by The Institute of the Future & Dell Technologies) haven’t been invented yet. Which we will have to be steep in a culture of unlearning, learning and doing.

Life ahead need not just academic skills, but holistic combination of learning, social and life skills both to survive but to prosper. And it is through design education that future-proof skills like adaptability, ability to 

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We are witness to newer challenges that humans have not visualised or faced earlier. The world need problem solvers both at personal or organisational level. 

Learnings at Thinkful Design empower student with design thinking, give them practise and space to learn and fail. And to rise from their failure to success.  Inculcating in them resilience, abilities to adapt to an adapting world and develop creative confidence to be a problem solver.