About Thinkful Design 

Young children are the most free at expressing their creativity. Whether it be through imaginative play, drawing, doodling or making things. Creative expression and play are essential to a child’s development. 

But as students advance through the formal education system, the opportunity for creative expression inversely diminishes. We are here to cultivate the space, thinking and culture to blend design thinking in young students education lives. 



  • Make design learning accessible across social and geographical diversity

  • Nurture creative confidence and natural play instinct in every child 

About Thinkful Design 

Thinkful Design is an initiative to bring design learning and design skills to children  and young people who do not have access to design learning. We are here to leverage technology, design skills and mentors to make design learning more accessible and democratic.  

Learning design thinking at an early age develops a growth mindset and important problem solving, analytical and spatial thinking skills. We want to equip students and young learners with tools, confidence, skills and space to create. More importantly to embrace design thinking in their educational life for improved performance, engagement and learning. 



The team at Thankful Design bring a blended experience of a journeyed across design organisations, education institutes, product companies for over two decades. It is an experience honed with mentoring start-ups, school students, university graduates and young designers in large organisation like Sapient and Nokia.

They carry an innate understanding of learning pedagogy and practise of human understanding.