Design a life you want 

Design learning programs for youngster & children

Design is the most important skills for the 21st century 

Design thinking teaches the practise of modern age skills that students need to succeed.


Design thinking is about solving problems. Design learning involves teaching students the skills of design thinking, it application in real life scenarios and preparing them to become great problem solvers.


Problem Solving




Creative Confidence 



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Students start by taking a problem and understanding the nuances of it, brainstorming possible solutions, and prototyping new products and experiences. With a design-led approach, students are able to make novel solutions that has the potential to change the world.

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Design Thinking Foundation 

The course introduces your child to Design Thinking. You child will gather an understanding of what is design thinking, of the process and way to practise it.


Your child will learn ways to apply Design Thinking is to school learning and social & at-home projects.

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Junior Designer Foundation 

Young Mobile Designer 

What does a career in design demands and need. Your child will explore career paths in design, learn Design Thinking and apply it to build their own design career. 


Your young child very early in life will get an overview of the skills that a career in design require. The course empowers your child to develop a creative confidence and to develop a mindset for innovation.  

You child will learn the steps of designing a mobile app. Your child will learn difference of designing mobile app for Android and iPhone. 


The course will takes your child through the process in a step-wise manner of producing a mobile app. And practise the process to create a mobile app in a team setup 

Student speaks

"Loved the sessions"

"New Experience "

“Loved the session. New way of thinking, which is applicable to all my areas of life. I am now more confident of doing my school and social projects”

Harsh Kumar 
Class VI 
Xavier High School 

“The session has opened me up to the career possibilities in Design. I am aware now of importance of design for my future .”

Chayana Singhani 

Class VIII

Salwan Public School, Gurugram 

"Changed my thinking"

“Design Learning has changed my way of thinking. I am more focussed and are aware of users for whom I am building the solution for.”

Abeera Iqbal 

Class VI 

DPS, Greater Faridabad